Rune Frederiksen

1971 - 2023 Bookmark

This was published in the following publications on 06.09.2023:

Vi har mistet vores elskede
Rune Frederiksen
forsknings- og samlingschef på Glyptoteket
* 3. august 1971    ✝† 17. august 2023
I dyb kærlighed
Silke, Sophia og Benjamin Flemming og Lydia Rémy, Katrine, William og Alberte
Begravelsen finder sted fra Roskilde Domkirke  tirsdag den 12. september kl. 12.00 
I stedet for evt. blomster kan man betænke Amnesty International eller WWF Verdensnaturfonden,  mrk. Rune Frederiksen Beach

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Kære Rune Det var alt for tidligt du skulle afsted herfra…Tak for dit samarbejde i Athen og for vores spændende møder med Apollon. Hvil i fred og jeg ønsker det allerbedste til dine Mvh Misja Kristoffer Rasmussen


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Rune was a great friend who I got to know during his Oxford days. We feasted, we fished, and we imagined the future of museums. He will be missed, so glad we had the chance recently to speak, reminisce and dream again of the future of museums. My thoughts and prayers to his beloved family.

Henry Kim



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